Effects of Sanctions on Russian Aviation

Mentour Pilot deals mainly with aviation accidents. Petter Hornfeldt is a commercial 737 pilot.

The END of Russian Aviation!? | Mentour NOW!

As the war in Ukraine is entering its second week I have decided to start to try and explain some of the consequences this conflict will likely have on the world of Aviation.

In todays video I will touch on some of the lesser known consequences that the new sanctions will have on the Russian aviation industry, consequences that could actually bring it to a complete stop within a few weeks or months.


Petter Hornfeldt has been an Airline Pilot for 17 years. He is a senior Line Training Captain, Type Rating instructor and Examiner with more than 14 yearås of airline training experience. During the last 4 years, Petter has created an aviation social media community revolving around his YouTube channel, Mentour Pilot.


The Captain


As mentioned some days ago, about 70% of the Russian commercial fleet is EU or North American built. Spare parts are now embargoed.


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