Ukraine using light aircraft as drones

The strikes are getting deeper and deeper into Russia. Previous ones were aimed at oil depots, these have hit a drone manufacturer deep into Russia. I can’t see them inflicting much economic damage on Russia, but how will this impact Putin’s reputation?

You mean his reputation as a stone cold-blooded murderer who doesn’t bat an eyelash when it comes to slaughtering civilians or using brute force to suppress his own population? Won’t change his reputation at all.


It might do. When I was in Russia Putin was described as a b******, but he is our b******! They saw him as a hard man who could defend Mother Russia - very important to Russians who still write and talk about WW2, and the terrible losses that they suffered. Despite it being some 60+ years after WW2 there was still research and articles about the numbers who died.

If there continue to be drone strikes like this it might cause people to doubt him and that would be pretty fatal to him IMHO.

It seems to me that Ukraine is trying to slow Russia’s supplies of war materiel.
Ie the classic military tactic of “interrupt the supply lines”.
Ukraine has hit oil refineries, transport infrastructure, n now drone factories.

This also allows Ukraine to claim to be hitting “war” infrastructure.
Which gives the West “cover” for supporting it.

If Ukraine wants continued West “support”, Ukraine must play war by West “rules” (Geneva convention, ICJ, UN, etc).
While Russia just targets whatever.


“We are still not accepting the fact that Russia is at war with us.”. (US, the West)

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More like 80 years…

Yep, and it’s still very much discussed in Russia. Wikipedia estimates that Russia lost 13.7% of its population during WW2. The USA’s population is about 350 million so that’s the equvalent of it losing 48 million. Figures will vary but you get the idea.

I never spoke to anyone who liked Putin who they all saw as a vicious thug. However, they felt that he as a safe pair of hands for Mother Russia. If that image is damaged he may be in trouble.

Poor Russia, I did like you but will never go back now!

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When you (not “you” literally, “you” as a nation or as a group of people*) choose bad leaders, or choose to not remove bad leaders, eventually you suffer.

* I am astounded that I have to specify this, but a few weeks ago, someone took this type of use of “you” as literally referring to themselves!


Totally agree. I’m just explaining how I see it. Life wasn’t too bad in Russia a few years ago. Things were reasonally prosperous for most people and as long as they didn’t show too much dissent they were left alone. Putin was seen as the strong man who put Russia up there with the USA and China.

I’m just wondering how much damage continual drone/aircraft across Russia will do the this image.

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…second tense problems…

You have the spelling wrong. When using ‘you’ in referencing a group it is spelled ‘ewe’. That should really shake up “those” people!