Elon is as polarizing as ever

The Fanbois are praising, of course.

But, I’ve been amazed at the vitriol from the E-hater bleachers.*

Will today’s “macro crises” and the usual Elon publicity result in a “panic” drop in TSLA share price… over the next 6 months?

The proposed 3:1 stock split will likely bouy the price during the run up to the August annual meeting, vote, and official decision.

That the TWTR deal is currently off the table, seems to be (currently) positive for the share price.

This reminds me a bit of the XM radio SIRI saga back in 2008/2009. The macro environment, publicity (shorts) and investor panic drove SIRI from $10/share to $0.05/share (a nickle). And stayed there for a day or so.
I managed to nickel and dime some SIRI.

Will I get a similar chance with TSLA, due to the macro fears and panic? There ARE, of course, significant differences between TSLA and SIRI.
And, NO! TSLA is not gonna drop to a nickel/share.


*I’m perpetually amazed at the investors who are very well grounded when evaluating companies and investments, on one hand, but, whose “blinders” appear to completely blind them when thinking about some company, investment, CEO, etc whom they despise… in a way that appears at least inconsistent, if not flat out irrational.


This reminds me a bit of the XM radio SIRI saga back in 2008/2009.


PART of the “blowback” from the merger was that my new-in-2007 Mazda “factory installed” Sirius radio could not receive all the the post merger channels.

A new radio was the only solution!!!

AND, no $ub$idie$ from from anyone.

a man with a memory (& even newer radios)


Elon has a core mission. All the rest is noise and I try to ignore it. If his politics goes against that core mission (republicans do not support his core mission)I think or hope that it is part of the same noise.