Enough mindless quarterly updates please!

In the 8 hours since Upstart reported, we’ve had

Multiple posts started with absolutely mindless copying from press releases (#81089 and #81090 #81094), posts with only single links (#81091), posts attributing the decline to “mood of the market” with zero comments on the business(#81124), etc.

We’ve also had multiple single line replies like “This presentation looks like it will be a positive call”, “This correction is NOT good for the company”

As a reminder, mindless copying and pasting press releases and single line answers usually add zero value to our discussion (#81090 even had all the disclaimers and definitions of Key Operating Metrics pasted from the press release. Seriously??). Everyone else, just like you, can get them directly from the IR webpages.

On the other hand, adding your own commentary on the results brings greater value to the board.

Please help us maintain the quality of the posts in this board.

Asst. Board Manager


Also, please do not start a new earnings thread without first checking if we already have a thread running about the exact same subject.

All the valuable information is drowning in multiple threads on the same earnings report.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(asst. board manager)