We're drifting

From time to time I have to be the curmudgeon and make a plea to the board to slow down, and think about whether your posts are helping our collective project here. We’ve all been excited about Upstart this week, but our exuberance has caused some issues:

The sheer volume of posts has become problematic – it’s difficult to read and remember everything that’s been said, so things get posted repeatedly (like the Upstart job posting for a Mortgage Manager which has been “announced” here at least 3 times!), but it also clutters the board so that valuable posts are missed.

Also, the board isn’t a good place for asking questions like, “What do others think of X?” Imagine a meeting where you throw that question out – but in this meeting there aren’t 10 or 20 people, but thousands. They all have thoughts (sometimes partially formed), but if even a small percentage of them respond, it would be bedlam. Let me suggest an alternative: Lay out your thinking in a thoughtful, well-edited post and let others respond if (and only if) they see it differently, and with a thoughtful, well-edited post of their own. Gauchorico’s posts last night are a great example of this (79014 - 79018).

Lastly, soooooooooooo many recent posts (on Upstart and other things) are hyper-analyzing things we can’t know. Sometimes we need to realize what we’re discussing is something we simply can’t know at this time rather than go on tilting at what may just be windmills. Ok, I’m done with metaphors for the remainder of this post.

Please also refer to these suggestions on posting – especially if you are new to the board and the way we do things! https://discussion.fool.com/tips-on-board-posts-and-a-request-34… I don’t want anyone to be afraid to post, but it is hugely helpful to Saul and all of us who try to keep the board running smoothly if you know how things work here before jumping in. As an example, relative newbie Jonwayne235 has done an fantastic job of including a ton of information in his posts, and I think everyone has appreciated it.

Thanks for helping keep this board great.

Assistant Board Manager