Help us keep this board great

I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, really, but we’ve had 70+ posts in the last 24 hours and it’s simply getting too difficult to even read them all, much less discuss.

Please follow the rules of the board! I’ll highlight a few below, but here’s the whole list:…

We DO ask ourselves if our post adds anything of value to the discussion. One-liners usually don’t.

We DO check if someone has already started a thread (on just released earnings, for instance), before starting a new thread.

No cluttering up the board with one-line, meaningless posts

No basic investment questions

No macroeconomics

No non-investing subjects

Please, attempt to gather your thoughts carefully before you post – this will lead to better discussion, I promise!

And please remember, if you have a reply (or a thank you) to someone that doesn’t add to the overall discussion, you can un-check “Post this Reply to the Boards” and instead check “E-Mail this Reply to the Author.”

Thank you all for helping us keep this board great.

Asst Board Manager