ENPH or "So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish"

A couple of years ago Saul’s board had become unreadable because “everybody” was posting daily everything they could find about UPST. It was like an obsession, an awkward competition where everyone wanted to show that he was the one who found the latest news about UPST. You would have thought UPST was going to become the most important company in the world, in the universe, everywhere.
We all know the rest of the story and although CRWD or SNOW may someday reach their ATH, UPST probably won´t.

Since Saul bought shares in ENPH, the posts about ENPH started to multiply. True, not in ridiculous numbers like three years ago, but still. Of course, compared to then, posting on the board is not so easy anymore., which is very good.

Whatever some people may think, Saul deserves my respect.
He is the first one to set up a board and make an investment strategy freely available. Following his portfolio, almost everybody made money sometime in the past.
Investing in some of the stocks I found on his board, I was up almost 400% in 2020.

Talking about ENPH, I still remember putnid, the first one who posted on Saul´s about ENPH in 2017 and bought the stock when it was under a dollar. Back then he had been criticized for investing a large part of his portfolio in one stock and thus setting a bad example for new investors. Of course the criticism had not been unfounded, but putnid left the board and started to post on The Mongoose.
He hasn´t posted for some time now and because I know he was quite old, I hope he´s OK.


Interesting. A year or so ago I made a comment on Saul’s board about folks talking about UPST when they were asked not to. I was immediately jumped on by two of Saul’s goons because I made a simple observation about the situation.

From that point on Saul and gang are no longer of interest to me. Between you, me and the fence post I don’t like being treated that way and I especially don’t like the way Saul runs “his” board.


After the incredible run-up that Enphase has had since the days putnid was touting it I wonder how much growth is left.

This really doesn’t seem like it’s a typical Saul pick. It’s much more easily valued than a high growth stock in its infancy.

I follow Saul but ENPH is not for me.


I was lukewarm about ENPH but then I noticed that it had three insider purchases (though two were from the same person) after it dropped t othe 150s and 160s following its latest earnings release. I probably put too much weight on insider buying but I really like to see that. Also, one of the buyers was the CFO, whose prior two transactions in the stock were sales, when it was around $300.