Thanks to Putnid for his information on Enphase

Enphase (ENPH) and Alteryx have probably been my most profitable investments. Putnid wrote a very convincing analysis of Enphase quite a while ago, back when it was trading below $5. Since then, with few hiccups, it’s now pushing $14. And they haven’t even come out with their 8th generation solar panel inverter yet.

It’s now almost 7% of my total holdings, which for me is high, since I’m more diverse than most of you here.


I also appreciated the idea though I never bought.

One of the things that made me a regular daily lurker here was watching how Saul seemed to really understand the business and called in advance what LGIH was going to do and profited handily from it with me along for a bit of that ride.

So to me, a good stock investment does not need to be SaaS. It can make things like houses, or solar power inverters, or even grow marijuana. It just has to be a bit misunderstood or ‘under the radar’ with some good luck/catalysts to bring it into full value.

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Somebody named MoneySlob (sheez) posted this on a GouchoChris thread:

I hate looking all the time but my progress today on CharlesSlob showed 58% YTD, 72% trailing year; no option or designer trading

I believe what really pushed the percentage up was the purchase of ENPH right before the ER last week.

And who really has convinced me was TJ Roberts and his constant shoutouts. This method differs greatly from studying their ERs. One would run screaming studying Enphase’s ERs over the last year. I discovered TJ Roberts while reading Seeking Alpha comments. He eats his own dog food.