Thoughts on ENPH

Hey Putnid,
Enphase is now the hottest stock in the market, but remember you having great conviction when this stock was 5 dollars now hitting all time highs today at 317. Are you still following it? I know the stock is expensive but they keep getting into other countries and now batteries and the iq8 inverters can make it possible to store energy without batteries something the IQ7 couldn’t. What an innovative company!


Not Putnid but ENPH is my biggest stock. I keep trimming a little when it tops. Here is hoping it keeps climbing. It seems to jump then deflate. I believe ATH was 320.

Cheers to all ENPH holders.



Thanks to this board I got in early. I believe TJ Roberts was touting this one early. Fundamentals are there. Large growth window although multiple is expanded. Check out ENVX. Another TJ Roberts small cap energy play. Game changing battery storage technology. Could be another ENPH.


Hey, long time no read. Sorry 'bout that.

Yep, I dearly love ENPH and follow it religiously. As I’ve mentioned a few times before (years ago), I bought a great many shares for $1 or less. I brought it to the Fool community at $4-$5. Gradually sold all those shares as the stock price approached $300. It was a most profitable ride. I follow ENPH closely, but I believe it is too far overpriced to purchase at this time. I love the company, its intellectual property and well tested microinverters. The company will grow and grow over the coming years. Even so, I will only repurchase share when the price falls much lower. A forward P/E of 60+ is too rich for my blood. ENPH’s operating margin is ~17%. That’s fine, well worth investing in when the P/E hovers around 20. That day will come. The Market has been “repricing” a great many stocks, a great many overpriced stocks. The process will continue. The current exuberance for the solar sector will fade to reality.

The reality is this: ENPH is a key player in the sector. But it’s not that expansive a role as a great many may think. Studies indicate that only about one-third of US rooftops are well-suited for s rooftop system. ENPH microinverters are a great choice. But rooftop systems aren’t cheap. That market will grow (but how fast?). There will be far more growth in the commercial/utility sector. At present, huge solar farms rarely need microinverters. Central inverters can do the job at lower cost. I’ll be following the pricing. My goal will always be to “buy low/sell high” in a growing and profitable market sector.

I do intend to own ENPH shares again.

May Fortune smile upon us all!


I will only repurchase share when the price falls much lower.

I do intend to own ENPH shares again.

So you are saying that you expect it to fall significantly. Is that a fair interpretation?

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“So you are saying that you expect it to fall significantly. Is that a fair interpretation?”

Yep. Pretty much.

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