Enphase video. One year old

I watched this short video. The CEO touched on a lot of things. The most important is the market place he has built into the controllers.

At this point I am ready to grab some Enphase for a 5 to 10 year investment. I am even considering retiring from my super easy job and working for them. Probably will not happen as I am old and live in paradise so there is that.

Qazulight (Also more presentation recommendations are welcomed)


Qaz, absolutely brilliant!

Raghu Belur made a defining statement at minute 5:00 “Distributed architectures always win in the long run.”

Which can also be stated in the negative, “Central Planning Sucks!” It applies equally to politics, business, markets, and THE electric grid, not just your personal home grid.

Raghu Belur said that solar being intermittent needs batteries. What he didn’t stress is that the third leg is connectivity, the grid. But he did give lots of examples of the great benefits of connectivity, the grid – micro and macro.

BTW, DC to AC gadgets are called ‘inverters’ while AC to DC gadgets are called rectifiers. The ‘smart micro-controllers’ do both.

$ENPH is my second largest position. Having installed wind and solar on my boat some 25 years ago I had some practical experience. I had never heard of Raghu Belur but ‘micro inverters’ just made a ton of sense! “Distributed architectures always win in the long run!” One caveat, with $ENPH you better be prepared for incredible volatility. Enphase Energy Inc., ENPH Advanced Chart - (NAS) ENPH, Enphase Energy Inc. Stock Price - BigCharts.com

That last big run-up was the result of the last earnings report in late July. The stock has given most of those gains back but that ‘bubble’ let me lower my cost basis by some 6% with covered calls. Next earning report, next week, October 25. Enphase Energy (ENPH) Earnings Dates & Reports - TipRanks.com

I neutralize the risk of volatility with a sufficient cash reserve.

The Captain


Yes, excellent video. I did take some off the table at $315.00 but, long term, yetus oldies, time is running out, so let’s give it 5 years, barring the usual disaster, fairly confident.