ESG Investing - NOT!

Posted at Seeking Alpha by The Captain

ESG investing is plain dumb, neither does it make you rich nor does it improve the world. Individual lifestyle, your individual lifestyle, is something you can control. Start eating right to shed your excess pounds. As you get your health back you can reduce your dependence on medication and supplements. Stop being the stooge of the medical profession, question your doctor, get a second opinion. Replace your ICE vehicle with a BEV. Put solar panels on your roof with storage batteries and become part of a virtual power plant (VPP). Drive less and walk more. Recycle, specially plastics. Replace fast food with real food. Be creative.

I used to take eight medications that were for life until I changed my lifestyle, shed 50 pounds, and got my health back. I no longer take or need medication. Eliminating medication was done under medical supervision but I had to push the doctor to get rid of the statin. Even as my blood tests came back normal he still prescribed a statin. I asked:

Me: “Why if the blood tests are fine?”
Doc: “To be on the safe side.”
Me: “Is it urgent?”
Doc: “No.”
Me: “Doctor, then I’m not taking it.”

Take control of your own life! Companies that sell garbage will have less revenue. More effective than ESG investing

The Captain