ETFs that focus on the aging of the US population

Here’s an interesting article that talks about ETF’s that focus on the aging of the US population. I think that’s an interesting way to play on the growth of companies / services that allow US senior citizens to “age in place”. Some of the ETFs that are mentioned (and the investments / costs that each are structured around) seem like not the best fit to me, but I think it is a space that investors may want to keep an eye on.

Not sure why World Wrestling Federation (WWE) would be an appropriate investment for an “aging in place” ETF, but what do I know. One thing I know, is that I’m not doing any wrestling now that I’m 60+ nor am I interested in watching wrestling!! Is anyone else out there spending considerable amount of time watching WWF?

Some of the other investments seems to make sense such as Biotech, pharma and wealth management services.


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Not me, but…

“In the year 2000, the median age — the midpoint of the spread of viewers watching pro wrestling — was 28. The median age in 2006 was 33, and in 2016, the median age jumped all the way up to 54. That increase of 24 years in median age is the biggest jump among all sports by quite some margin.”


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  1. The old geezers lost the remote (again).
  2. The old geezers are NOT WATCHING (but napping–again).
  3. The old geezers have severe Alzheimer’s and every performance on ANY TV is “brand new” to them (again).

Solution: Turn off the TV and turn on any radio. $$$$ saved.

  1. the old geezers want to exercise but can’t get out of the chair.


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Their struggle to get out of their chairs is their exercise. Which is why (if they were smart) they would buy one of those chairs that raises you up and then tips forward a bit to put you on your feet. Which is what my parents got . They got TWO of them (one each).

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It is really sad when we are reduced to making fun of older people. Sadder yet we are the older people.


Did you save them?


The only “ethical” way of making fun of older people is if you are one of them, so I think we are safe. :grin:

(Yes, I am aware there’s no ethical way of making fun of someone, and I’m pretty sure you get it, so why am I even explaining. Guess I just enjoy the sound of the keyboard today.)

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Oh I agree with have the permissions. But that does not make us safe…

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I don’t need one. I use high-back office executive chairs that swivel and are on casters, so they can roll around if needed (or if pushed).

As safe as possible, I would say. At the end of the day, what does, if anything? The best we can hope for is that there are people still willing to make (and take) jokes at their own expense.