EU countries condemn Israeli far-right ministers’ call to resettle Gaza’s Palestinians

The comments were made Monday by Israel’s firebrand National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich. Both are known for their hardline, religious-conservative stances.

Israel should “concentrate on encouraging the migration of the residents of Gaza,” Ben-Gvir told reporters, adding that Israel would “permanently control” the Gaza strip.

Ben-Gvir, known as one of the most hardline members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet, also endorsed the rebuilding of Jewish settlements in the besieged Palestinian territory.

The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, responded on Wednesday evening on social platform X, condemning the “inflammatory and irresponsible statements.”

“Forced displacements are strictly prohibited as a grave violation of international humanitarian law,” Borrell added.

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Your post does not excuse the horible statements by the two Israeli ministers. EU is important to Israeli standing in EU and World politics and economics. Israel is rapidly losing all respect.


Oh please the common bigots all line up as usual.

Where was the outcry like this against Assad or about Yemen? Even the talk against Putin is a different quality.

This war is minor.

The situation can not continue. It must end. That is a practical point of view not a religious point of view.

I truly wish the schism in Islam was over. Everyone is paying a price for the craziness.


The posted article appeared in a left-wing newspaper, so it is much more important than it might seem at first glance. Borrell, like many other European Commissioners, was sent to Brussels because his country’s (left-wing) government wanted to get rid of him in a subtle way.
Any attack against Israel has always been punished very harshly and for any dead Israeli, the Palestinians have paid an extremely high price.
And I have never had the impression that Israel cares about what the EU thinks. Or any other country.

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I disagree with your opinion.

The most senior diplomats from the US and the EU launched a dual diplomatic offensive in the Middle East on Saturday aimed at calming tensions that threaten chaos and wider conflict across the region.

Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, began a five-day tour of the region with meetings in Turkey and the EU’s most senior diplomat Josep Borrell, visited the Lebanese capital Beirut.

The diplomatic effort came amid a new round of violence on the disputed frontier between Lebanon and Israel, which is seen by analysts as the most likely flashpoint for a new full-scale conflict.

Hezbollah fired multiple salvoes of rockets from southern Lebanon into Israel on Saturday as a “preliminary response” to the killing of a senior Hamas leader in Beirut last week in an attack widely attributed to Israel.


There are very few Jews in Europe. There are a lot of Muslims in Europe. The Muslims at times can not stand the Europeans because of tensions between them. The European politicians do not really do business with Israel. At least not if their Muslim constituents see it. There is no loyalty to democratic republics in that arrangement for the Muslims. The unemployed to see Europeans a giving them jive. Labour under Corban in the UK was hellish.

There are at least 1.3 million Jews in Europe. That is more than the population of Estonia.

The Captain
prefers :sailboat:

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@captainccs That is not what I meant in dollar terms. I meant it in vote terms. Muslims out number Jews throughout Western Europe.

Israel does business with companies that used to support N@zis:

In the “Third Reich”, German industry was closely integrated into National Socialist economic policy. The regime strived for autarky and armament; industry quickly came to terms with the system and benefited from it. Both Vereinigte Stahlwerke (Thyssen) and Krupp also profit from the economic upswing. On the other hand, their room for maneuver is limited by raw materials and foreign exchange control, price formation, and labor and capital cuts. In some cases political intervention by the N@zi state extends to the personnel level. Until the end of the war, the relationship between the economy and politics remains a mixture of coercion, willing self-serve and profit interests.

At the beginning of the Second World War, numerous employees are drafted into the Wehrmacht. To fill the gaps and maintain production, Vereinigte Stahlwerke (Thyssen) and Fried. Krupp also use foreign, mainly forcibly recruited civilian workers and prisoners of war, above all since 1941 from the Soviet Union. The forced laborers also include Jews and prisoners from concentration camps. In all, the Krupp Group employs at least 100,000 foreign and forced laborers. At times this represented up to 40% of the workforce. At August Thyssen-Hütte AG the total number was around 14,800, at times up to 26% of the workforce. The conditions under which the forced laborers live and work are often inhumane and contradict law and morality.

In December 1943 Fried. Krupp AG is converted back into a sole proprietorship and transferred to the eldest son Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach as sole proprietor. This path is legally cleared by a decree issued by Hitler, the so-called “Lex Krupp”. Alfried Krupp takes over the company at a time when arms authorities and para-statal steering committees are intervening in the business to an even greater extent.

The Nuremberg Krupp-Trial

At the end of the war, approx. 32 % of the Essen works have been destroyed and 29 % were moderately to severely damaged. As a result of dismantling the company loses among other things the Essen-Borbeck steel plant. The Krupp Grusonwerk in Magdeburg is expropriated (later SKET); the Krupp-Germaniawerft shipyard in Kiel is destroyed and liquidated. The remaining coal and steel operations are separated under an Allied divestment plan and the company’s assets are placed under military control.

Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, imprisoned since April 1945, is tried before an American military tribunal in Nuremberg in 1947/48 along with eleven of his senior employees. The judges convict him of employing forced laborers and appropriating assets in the German-occupied territories. On the charge of preparing a war of aggression, he is acquitted. The sentence is twelve years imprisonment and confiscation of assets. As part of a general amnesty, the convicts are released from prison in January 1951 by decision of the American High Commissioner for Germany, John McCloy.

Muslims out number Jews just about everywhere, the Knesset exempted.

The Captain


The USA hired Wernher von Braun to go to the moon.

In 1960, his group was assimilated into NASA, where he served as director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center and as the chief architect of the Saturn V super heavy-lift launch vehicle that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon.[7][8] In 1967, von Braun was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering, and in 1975, he received the National Medal of Science.

Wernher von Braun - Wikipedia.

I don’t know your personal experience but as a Holocaust survivor whose brother was killed by Hungarian Nazis I have been thinking about the issue for a lifetime. Often I have asked myself what would I do if met face to face with the killers. My first reaction was that I could not kill them in cold blood (Revenge is mine said The Lord). Reflecting on my own every day actions I’m quite sure that in the heat of the action I would have killed them if I could.

Fast forward two decades, I joined a beach club and bought a Sunfish. There was a Star fleet in the club and I fall in love with the boat. Commenting with a fellow sailor he told me there was another member who was interested in buying a Star and that he was looking for a partner. We met, we agreed, we bought the boat, we fixed it up, and we won some races. We became life long friends. Not only was he German, there is a Breckwoldtstraße in Altona (Hamburg). He told me that his great, great, great, great, grandfather ran the ferry that crossed the river Elbe. I don’t recall whether I thought about or considered his nationality at the time and the issue didn’t rise up until the day we had lunch at his farther in law’s friends’ house years later. Antisemitic talk arose during lunch and suddenly someone asked me, “You’re not Jewish, are you?” “Yes, I am” I replied. Back at his farther in law’s, Sönke, my friend, apologized profusely saying that when Hamburg was bombed he a was just a child. I told him that we had never had a problem before and that there was no reason to have one now…

One of the worst ideas in Judeo-Christian tradition is the idea of the Original Sin that we all have to bear and pay for. A great model for us to hate each other until the end of time. Thank god that the Marshal Plan ignored the model and left Revenge to The Lord who claimed the priviledge.

The Captain


I like your story. It probably happens to many peoples not just Jewish people. In the Baltic countries, Russia is considered the most evil country in Europe. But many Baltic people have ethnic Russians living in their contries for centuries and most have assimilated into the Baltic cultures. Many Baltic people have inter-married with ethnic Russians. The decents of these ethnic Russians are nice people with great emotions and friendlyness. But the crimes of the Czars and Soviets are not forgotten. Sometimes anti-Russian talk arisis when the people do not realize that one their guests is a decndent of ethnic Russians.

Same goes for Ukrainians and Russians. People are good but governments can be very evil.

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Thank you!

I totally agree with “never forget.” When Schindler’s List came out there was a movement by Jewish organizations to collect memories of the Holocaust. I refused. My thinking was that it didn’t serve any practical purpose and that it might be inflammatory. In Venezuela the melting pot was working very well, don’t rock the boat. I only bring up the stories when I think they have a useful purpose. Your reply indicates that it was, Thanks!

The Captain


Do the Baltic people have a “holy tomb” mandating they kill the “others”?

The religious extremists especially believe so devoutly in their “book” that they refuse to “live and let live”.

The religious flavor is not important… It’s the extremism that’s the threat.

Rule of Law, based on a constitution, allows (forces?) people to live together peacefully in spite of philosophical differences.


That is pretty lame.

Hamas still has not offered one day of peace since 2007. Hamas in that time has wanted genocide. People think it is Israel’s fault? Laughable. Gullible.

The leaders and the people are equally gullible and become equally culpable.

There can be peace within hours if Hamas surrenders.

Hamas will not do it. Blaming anyone else is what Hamas is doing. It does not have to be Israel it does not have to be Jews. The Syrian tribesmen would be fighting either way.

If this is 22k dead women and children as we are told and all it takes is simply not going to war to stop this imagine what could be achieved.

Gaza can going forward be prosperous. Gaza can include some of the southern desert in Israel.

But peace? Not on your life. Not for a moment. Hamas has offered up 22k innocent women and children to stop any peace.

Can I say that without being censored? If not never bring up those innocent lives again.

The reality is about 9k now are the militants and plenty of their families around them when the bombs go off.

What Captain in his own way is pointing to is forgiveness no matter who thinks who is in the wrong. Because tomorrow is another day.

Snide comments about an ethnicity’s past are trivial.

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The POTUS told Saddam to give up his WMDs.

Saddam said he didn’t have any.

POTUS said “you are hiding them. Bring them out and give them up”

Saddam said “I got rid of all that stuff. Here’s the documentation”

POTUS said “you are hiding them. Bring them out and give them up”

Saddam said “send in the UN, let them look”

UN “we aren’t finding diddly”

POTUS “you are hiding them. Bring them out and give them up”.

POTUS: “you didn’t bring them out and give them up, so we are invading”.

The lesson being, if one party wants a war, nothing the other party can do will prevent it.



The Israelis are learning that about Hamas. Remember Hamas started this war.

This is not about WMD. This is about genocide. Hamas has been promising a genocide of the Jews since 2007.

You think there should be no Israeli reaction?

Or do you think stop at 1200 deaths until Hamas creates the next 1200 Israeli deaths?

Israel above all else is fighting for a resolution. That does not mean 2.2 million deaths. It means getting most of 2.2 million people to leave Gaza permanently.

That can be stopped entirely with entirely different terms by the Gazan public and Hamas. Entirely different terms. No Israeli-Jewish genocide. No rockets. No midnight runs around the wall in tunnels to kill a few Jews. Recognize Israel and Israel recognize Palestinians need far more once the Palestinians are unencumbered by their need for war.

Am I asking too much?

If you answer that yes you want war.

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