EU Mixed Message to Ukraine…
EU countries are all for Ukraine in its war against Russia, but they are all over the map when it comes to Ukraine’s demand to be recognized as a candidate for EU membership.

the final decision requires unanimity among the 27 EU heads of state and government who will gather for a European Council summit in Brussels next week but still don’t agree on what to do.

Denmark and Portugal — have voiced strong reluctance to granting candidate status, arguing that if Ukraine were not at war, it would not remotely meet the qualifications for starting membership talks. Moldova, they suggest, would be even further behind in the necessary preparations.

In other words:”We applaud your killing of the Russian Slav. But to sit at our economic table? Oh my, no way.”


The Europeans do not do things unilaterally as is the American thinking. Instead the parties meet quite openly and frankly. Things actually get done.

You can not read EU politics in same messed up spirit as US idiocy.