Everything is fine - we are all fine...how are you?

I want to be more long.
Always regretted missing out on Monster Energy stock, since i drink it every day for over a decade now. It is my coffee. Buy bulk at costco.

Anyway…so Celsius has my attention.
Bought some more product to see if I can get behind it…and I find it average. Orange…Wild Berry. Ok. Monster zero blows it away, imo. Including Monster Rehab.

But, again, i dont crave red bull either. Trying to keep open mind. But sitting on that idea outside mammoth correction.



DKS down 24% and Macys down 14% today.

Pretty solid well known middle/upper income shopping destinations.

I am sure it is nothing.

I am sure it will all be fine.
The US consumer is strong! Go buy a home and live the American Dream!


No worries…other bills are likely under control!


It will all be fine.

You just need to hold your stocks for 20 years and have a glass half full outlook, and you can ignore reality.

Like not evacuating your beachfront home when the hurricane is near.

It will be just fine.


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pot stocks up huge.

Zoom and Gamestop up bigly, too.

Seems like a legit bull market to me.

(waves the “All Clear” banner overhead)


welcome to the new Bull Market of 2023! Things are going great…yeah!


But, hey, I am just passing along “negative” news. If you are fairly well-to-do, and it is sunny outside at the moment, you can literally afford to just put your head in the sand.

Ignorance isn’t an excuse. It can be the reason though.

But I am sure it will be fine. Just fine.


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