Excel error preventing work...

I am in limbo with Excel and I want to use it daily and have recently…
I open Excel and get this message:
We’re sorry, but Excel has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Excel will need to be closed as a result. Would you like us to repair now?
I click on Repair Now and the message goes away and so does the opening page for Excel… I wait for a few minutes, a few hours, and open Excel again and the loop begins again. I tried rebooting after closing the computer overnight, but that did not work. It seems that there is not a program there to do the repair or any visual showing it in operation. Every time I get on to Excel this same thing repeats…
Is it necessary to get to Microsoft to get help? How do I do that? Or, is there another way…

Thanks, Anne

Try searching on “Excel error not repairing itself” or similar. There are numerous sites dealing with this problem.

Thanks, Moldy3

Is it necessary to get to Microsoft to get help?

You can try but every time I try to get help from M/S the suggestions do anything but help. It’s as if the instructions were written by apprentices. Then they have the audacity to ask “Did this help?”


Back up all your Excel data files and then reinstall Excel (or uninstall it and then reinstall it).

Also, which version/year is your Excel?