Outlook has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly

This morning Outlook began giving me the following error message: “Outlook has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly”. Naturally when you go to Microsoft Support all or their answers in typical fashion never work. Google wasn’t much better. Anyone ever run into this issue and have a down to earth simple solution? Something an old phardt can figure out.

As an aside yesterday I just paid my annual dues for Office 360. Hmmm!!! I wonder if perhaps this had something to do with it? Funny business mode. Yea!!!


ImAGolfer (retired 2003)

Down to earth and simple? Sure. Solution? Probably not.

Reboot. It can’t hurt (almost certainly) and for me it seems to fix most problems, though I can’t say that is reassuring.

I recently had weird messages while using Word and found a reboot of the computer and the app did not help. So I deleted Office, rebooted the computer and downloaded another copy. That solved my issues, but left me with needing to makes some settings selections again – things like my preferred fonts.

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Thanks. Yea, I already rebooted. I keep my system up 24/7 and reboot every Saturday morning. So the reboot deal was already done plus I rebooted a couple of times trying to trouble shoot.

I’m considering doing a “restore”. The only problem is I usually takes me all day long to do a restore because you can’t do one as long a Defender, MalwareBytes and CCleaner are running and I always have a hard time trying to figure out how to shut them down.

I’m hoping a restore will put me back to a point before Outlook decided to go ApeSh*t on me.

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Yea, that was one of Google’s suggestions but I was hoping to avoid it. My primary email is earthlink.net but I recently picked up a yahoo.com email address for a secondary and I went through a LOT of problems getting the yahoo.com email address added to Outlook and I would rather not go that route again. All kinds of secret passwords, etc. Took about a month to get it going.

That may be my only option but I hope not. Thanks for the suggestion.

I had problems with Yahoo in the 2014 to 2016 period that were bad enough to leave it. Is there a problem with gmail? If you have an Apple ID you can use that email or an allias.

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Perhaps instead of deleting Office you could re-install over the existing copy, which should retain all the configuration and customization stuff.

(I don’t use Outlook, or any other email program any longer. I haven’t had a local copy of my email in years. My email is handled through Yahoo, and I am quite happy with the web interface they provide. I also have a gmail address for fallback. I don’t find gmail’s web interface any where close to what I want, but the price is right.)

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Good news. I finally resolved my issue with Outlook. Believe it or not I actually spoke with a human being at Microsoft. The tech I worked with determined there was a corrupted element of Outlook and ran a utility to repair the problem. The utility ran for roughly half an hour and when it finished it couldn’t fix the issue. We finally settled on uninstalling Office 360 and reinstalling it.

Thanks for all the earlier suggestions.

Outlook is working again.



Story of my life. :slightly_smiling_face: