$F Pulls a $TSLA w/ Utility Power Back-up

Tesla Powerwall owners & $PGE the utility have a deal to back up that utility with stored power in Tesla Powerwalls during peak times. The Tesla powerwall owner will be reimbursed for selling electricity to PGE.

In this new example, it appears buyers of Ford Lightning EV trucks can score cheaper monthly payment in exchange for sharing power with Duke Energy’s grid during peak times. The discount on the monthly payment is guranteed. The amount of energy $DUK can take out of a participating $F Lightning is limited per contract.

This is smart use of stored power at consumers’ homes or in their vehicles, regardless of how consumers are remunerated:

Canary Media headline: Lucky drivers will get discount on Ford EV pickup for helping the grid

Sub-Headline: Some customers leasing Ford F-150 Lightning electric trucks will score lower monthly payments in exchange for sharing power with the grid at peak times, under a deal between Ford and Duke Energy.
24 August 2022


Specifically, the utility is asking North Carolina regulators to approve a 100-person pilot program to test the concept next year (a smaller test is slated for Duke’s Florida territory). Customers will be able to sign up as they’re finalizing their lease agreement at the Ford dealership; Duke will pay Ford directly to lower the monthly payment.

Participants will get about $25 per month knocked off their lease payment for as long as they have it, Huber said. The dollar amounts are based on Duke’s calculations of the value that smart charging provides for the electrical system, he noted. Drivers can also earn bonus payments for regularly participating in peak events.

In theory, this arrangement lets drivers get a cheaper EV without having to actually do anything. They come home, plug in the ride, and maybe Duke will tap into the power supply for a little bit. The rules only let Duke draw power from a vehicle up to three times a month in the summer and winter peak season, and once a month in off-peak seasons.

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