How to get a free Ford-F 150 Pickup!

Very simple, really. Just don’t buy 5 Tesla Powerwall’s for the new solar system on your house.

A Tesla power wall costs about $12,000. Five of them is $60,000. A new EV F-150 lists at $56,000, and has more storage than 5 Tesla walls.


Tesla Powerwall is vastly overpriced. But my theory is that it is purposely overpriced to reduce sales of them. That’s because Tesla (and the world) is battery supply constrained right now. For every 6 Powerwalls they sell, that’s one less car they can make and sell. And they would rather sell cars (“EV market share landgrab” which usually leads to repeat sales in the future) than Powerwalls for now. Heck, they’ve even stopped selling them standalone, they will only sell them with a solar system for now. All this also fits well into Musks stated objectives (selling a far more efficient EV reduces use of carbon-based energy, selling solar systems reduces it, selling batteries alone does not reduce it).

If the Powerwalls were rationally priced, at approximately $3-4k, I would immediately buy a few of them. So would many others.