Facebook profits were off I believe by 8% in 4Q21. Apple’s new privacy policy is driving down profits in advertising at the other SM as well. Equity prices are off. s

But here is the kicker from the NYT.


TikTok is proving a formidable rival. Facebook’s namesake app reported the first (small) drop in users in its history. On yesterday’s earnings call, Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company is losing users to TikTok, especially younger ones. Meta’s offerings in video, including Instagram’s Reels, can compete with TikTok for attention, but “it will take a while to compound and catch up there,” Zuckerberg said. Meta may be further ahead in establishing itself in the metaverse, but that remains “a far-off revenue opportunity,” said Ives of Wedbush.

It’s all my fault. On days when I get barraged by adverts, like today, I block further ads by the same parties. It has been a contest for several years now: will they run out of adverts before I run out of stubborn? I would not bet against me.

Steve…bringing down FB single-handed.


It also probably doesn’t help that I run a Pi-hole (https://pi-hole.net/) to further cut down on their (and others’) advertising and tracking revenue.

8X the average daily trading (3 months) and still abt 1/2 hour of trading left.

More than a few billions disappearing down-the-drain today.


More than a few billions disappearing down-the-drain today

More than TWO HUNDRED BILLIONS, according to a finance report on line…

-$221B, to be more exact… Largest $$$ drop EVER of any company anywhere worldwide…

Poor Mr. Z… also heard that there might be moves afoot to retire him from his brain child.

Might as well. Even after a 20% plus drop, he doesn’t need the money.

Time for him to retire.

also heard that there might be moves afoot to retire him from his brain child.

Get better sources. Zuckerberg owns almost 60% of the voting shares. He doesn’t have to listen to anyone, and frequently doesn’t.


Zuck has ordered his staff to focus on videos according to the Bloomberg. I guess that means tweaking how users interact with videos. I do not pay for Bloomberg.

The headline’s context that order is the deflection of the earnings report.

Who here thinks things will just get back to business at FB? Or for that matter Google?

I have bought ads on both in the past. Those ads were expensive and hit or miss as far as return on them.

Apple’s move towards more privacy has rendered both FB and Google ads much less effective. The reason now is on FB and Google’s end of things. Their ad platforms make estimated collective profiles for who you are advertising to. It is far to expensive for that approach.

I wont ever use them again to run ads.

At this point I wont need them anyway.