Interesting read on Meta

I will leave it to people who are interested to read this and comment. I do not want to adulterate other people’s opinions. I am interested in how people see FB.

Do you think people will stop using Facebook? Is Meta going away? Meta is taking longer to catch on. Earning are down due to declining ad revenue and investment in Meta.

Yahoo shows PE as 7.68. Shareholder expect earning to decline.

If you think Meta is likely to survive its a good time to accumulate shares. Patient investors will likely be rewarded.


I used to use Facebook a few times a day. Now I’m at once a month, reluctantly, and I get so little from it even then. Mostly just a few friends in countries where they still use it.

I don’t know a single person using FB’s ‘metaverse’, and I know hundreds of geeks and tech enthusiasts.


Are they using metaverse?
Goggles, haptic tools, haptic suit, etc?
Is so, what platform/s?

RBLX, U, other?


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I’ll take the credit for their falling ad revenue.

From time to time, FB has “ad flood day”, where my feed is jammed with ads. I mark each ad “irrelevant” and block all future ads from that sponsor. Will they run out of ads before I run out out of stubborn? I would not bet against me.



AdBlock Plus takes care of this problem.


I’m not sure I follow the article’s reasoning.

The metaverse has been becoming a thing that people use, and it may become a really big thing. That doesn’t mean that any important part of it will be what Facebook (Meta) builds.

I’ve got a nine-year-old, who during the pandemic was living a good chunk of his daily life in the metaverse - namely, Roblox. My teenager also spent a good amount of time in the metaverse as well - on Fortnite with her friends.

People will go to the parts of the metaverse that are fun and have lots of people in them. Why go there to sit in a boardroom as a legless avatar of yourself, when you can be riding on a dragon (in Adopt Me), or John Cena with a lightsaber (in Fortnite)?


Like I say I don’t know anyone using metaverse. By Metaverse I mean facebook’s version of VR Chat / second life.

I know plenty of people gaming in VR though.

What are a few of the better platforms?

In 2023 I will be developing a game on the Microsoft platform. When I have time I will be studying C# for use with Blazor and Unity. The details of my game are private for now.

Part II

The first video mentions briefly the Quest Pro as the best seller of 2022. Note I should say Quest in general, the pro might be the most expensive version, I do not know.

In 2023 the platforms will be changing. Valve, Sony, Meta and probably Apple will have new models out I expect. Meta and Sony have most of the market but Valve’s platform is better I think. There are also some niche companies HTC, HP providing VR sets.

I confess I have never been a conventional user of FB where one puts their whole life up for others to see. I signed up in order to monitor our kids’ accounts when they were teens. They stopped using FB before they were 18. Our neighborhood has a closed FB group which is a great place to see what is going on locally, and ask for suggestions re an endless number of topics, as well as facilitate private communication and eliminating the need to collect phone numbers. I use FB to explore areas that we are considering going to. Uncorked Asheville FB page has been very useful. I am on multiple FB group pages for pickleball, using it to figure out how that particular area works their games and how I can join, as well as keep tabs on what is happening with my high school graduating class.

In the past 5 years I have gone from almost no FB use to having several feeds notify me if there is new activity, and check in on it daily, finding it to be a useful tool when it’s not simply a “LOOK AT ME” page. I have to say I am surprised at the ads comment on this thread, as my ad blocker must remove them entirely, which probably makes FB less good of an investment, if an excellent tool. As to the Metaverse, I am a slow technology adapter as well as somewhat claustrophobic. I don’t even like wearing glasses, so I doubt I would be first in line to be buying goggles to experience life through. Maybe if I could play “Professional” Pickleball that way though! Or even have a game of pickleball with people I have come to enjoy playing with else where. That could be tempting.


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Who needs Metaverse when just reading the news is a mind altering experience.