Father's Day: New Grill?

I have an older propane grill. Just replaced the tank, in fact. It has worked well for several years but now I spotted a small “torch” at one end of one of the two small-hole gas emitters. When it was off, I looked closer and realized that that end of the emitter (or whatever it’s called) had rusted away.

Oh oh. Can that emitter thing be replaced? The rest of the grill is fine. Covered all these years, too.

Or do I surrender to my daughters, who want to buy me a new grill for Father’s Day?


“Gas emitter” is commonly called a burner…

Yes the burners can easily be replaced on most grills.


As an aside, I find it annoying that there are stainless steel gas grills that are stainless steel only on the outside, but where all the key innards rust out in what seems like no time at all.


A different perspective… looking at the bigger picture:

Consider how fortunate you are to have three daughters who are eager to buy a present for you for Father’s Day! Not everyone has good relations with their children and sometimes the children don’t get along even as adults. Here… everyone wants to find a way to give you a blessing.

Guys are hard to buy for. If you’re anything like THIS retired guy, you really don’t need anything and you’ve bought pretty much everything you want. Here, your loving daughters want to give you something nice… something recognized as “not so good”… and they know there are limited opportunities to get you something. Not only because you really don’t need anything, but 'ol Dad isn’t going to be around eventually and here is a chance to give everyone a happy memory.

Cut them a break!

Graciously accept this fine gift, say how nice it is and how you’ll keep thinking of them as you use it.

They’ll be both excited and very pleased.

MUCH better than fixing the old grille…

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Or do I surrender to my daughters, who want to buy me a new grill for Father’s Day?

Yes. If possible, switch to natty gas too.

Life changed when we no longer had to wonder if we had enough propane, or if the extra tank was empty.

Not having to bust a knuckle when the nut is being difficult, herniating getting the full tanks back home…etc etc etc.

If they really reallly lub you, Lynx. Ours is 17 years old and going strong.


I don’t mind using the propane tanks…they provide an essential backup in case of an emergency, such as an earthquake or other disaster where services are shut off. I keep one spare tank besides the one connected to the BBQ.


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Thanks, all, for the replies! I need to check my grill and find the numbers, etc.


Or do I surrender to my daughters, who want to buy me a new grill for Father’s Day?

Always loved the ease of use of propane, but my father convinced me that a pellet grille was the way to go.

As such, I went and bought me a Traeger and I’ll never go back.

The thing about a Traeger is that an amateur like myself can become a pretty good cook…as their is no direct heat, you can truly accurately regulate temperature.

BTW…I retired 18 months ago…and retired to New Hampshire…

Howdy Neighbor!



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