$FB to Break Down thru $200 per share?

These are very hard break downs on all 3 charts:


1) $FB Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts continue to fall. Near the bottom? Or do we continue sailing downward through $200 level soon?

I know very few people who still post on Facebook. And those who are still there are not going to use something like a tik-tok feature. The people still using Facebook are Silent Generation, Boomers and Gen X. I don’t know a single millennial or Gen Z’er on Facebook. Not one. And I know about 100 of these youngsters on a first name basis.

Facebook looking more and more like MySpace caught in the tarpits of Web 2.0.

That’s fine with me. I’ll never forgive them for taking the $Billions from bad actors during the 2016 election process.


The company announced the Facebook Reels global expansion, as well as editing features and a handful of new ways for people to earn money from their content, on Tuesday, but Meta stock (ticker: FB) closed down 2% to $202.08. The Nasdaq Composite COMP-1.23% fell 1.2%.

Reels is a feature, rather than a formal app like TikTok. Though it was launched as a feature on Instagram, Meta is now rolling it out a version of Reals in the Facebook app. Users can cross-post Reels on Facebook and Instagram.

This paragraph below shows the amazing unawareness of Web 3.0 by Zuck. The reason we are flooding to Web 3.0 is to get away from the corporatocracy trying to co-opt the Metaverse and a Web experience where people control their surfing experience and we get paid for our “attention.”


Facebook Reels will also will allow creators in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to overlay advertisements on their videos. The options include semitransparent banners at the bottom of the reel and stickers that sit anywhere the user wants on the screen. The company intends to expand tests of those features to other countries.