FED is changing debit card fee rates


butButBUT, the “JCs” are entitled to every nickle they can gouge out of customers!
/“pro-growth mode”

Unlike some people, I still have paper checks. Funny thing I have noticed tho. Twenty years ago, I ordered checks 300 at a time. Now, the most I can order is only 80.


Me too. However, I may use 1-3 per year. Some idiot bureaucrat wants people to mail in ( !! ) a physical check to pay for AC–one check per month for three months. Yet rent is collected via ACH every month. AND their system can NOT handle prepaying ANYTHING. < sigh >

That’s weird. Try a different supplier…


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I just looked at checksinthemail dot com and you can still order 400 checks from them. I bet you can do two orders to get 800 of them or 3 orders to get 1200 of them.

I use one or two checks a year, so my previous box of 400 still have a few remaining.