fidelity eliminating basket trades

If anyone has used M1 Finance let us know what you think.
With folio gone and Fidelity ending basket trades all within 15 months it is sad.


I have been using m1finance for about 2 years now. A bit tricky to get used to, because they cater to beginners instead of us people who know what we want to do.

Rebalancing is easy…once you figure out your way around. I’ve been running a 25 stock screen with monthly rebalance for all this time, in an IRA. You need to also have a taxable account (“portfolio”) to receive bonuses.

Use this referral link for a (small) bonus when you open an account.


I like it…once set up it is very easy to use.

I use the basket trader at Interactive Brokers. Works well after the learning curve.