Filing an amended return with Turbotax CD version

I need to file an amended 2022 Federal tax return which I prepared/submitted with the CD version of Turbotax. Their help instructions say:

If you used our CD/download product, sign back into your return and select “Amend a filed return.

I do not see anywhere an option to select “Amend a filed return."

What am I missing?

If it matters I am running the Mac version of Turbotax Premier


I’m on a PC but when I sign back in, before I open my return, I have these selections at the bottom of the page. But once I open the return, nada.

Are you running the local (download or CD version) or the on-line version?

On my Mac it just opens Turbotax with the last edited return with no messages or options.


If you start TurboTax without specifying the TurboTax file to open, a “Welcome Back” screen is displayed. Below the “Continue” button section at the top of the screen, there is a “Manage Your Returns” section. At the bottom of the left column, click on the “Amend a return (make changes) after it was filed and accepted by the IRS” link.

Another method is to click on the “Search Topics” icon at the top of the TurboTax window. Enter “amend” in the search bar of the pop-up window that is displayed. This fills the box in the pop-up window with the various options for amending a file.

I’m using TurboTax Premier for Mac.

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When I just open the Turbotax App from Finder by double clicking the entry in Applications, it automatically loads my 2022 return. How do you open it without specifying the file to open? In other words, how can I tell it not to load anything? That seems to be the root of the problem.


Never mind, I see that if I choose New Tax Return from the File menu then I see the Amend a return link.

thanks for your help.



Has anyone here used Turbotax to Amend a Return?

What I’m seeing seems to be nonsensical. Even though I selected to amend my 2022 return (which i have to do because i missed a 1099-R form), the entries I’m making seem to be done in a vacuum, not connected to the original return. The summary data at the top show I should now get a very large Federal refund, when in fact I should owe a bit more in Federal taxes, and for NJ it now shows I owe a large amount, when I should be getting a small refund.

I know what the correct numbers should be because I also made a copy of my original return and saved it with an Amended suffix and then entered the missing and corrected numbers for the 1099-R’s, so I have a completed and correct version of the return. I just need Turbotax to generate a 1040-X with the amendments. It doesn’t seem to be doing that correctly.


If you can’t figure it out and the new extra tax isn’t that much you can just wait until the IRS processes your return.
If you left out a 1099 they will find it and send the proposed correction to you with a bill, and maybe a small penalty.



Was your original filing accepted by the IRS? Did the refund or payment complete? Make a backup copy of the turbotax file.

I amended a 2022 return on a PC successfully. Turbotax’s default was to mail the amended return, but later I noticed I maybe could have efiled the amended return. Let us know if Turbotax lets you efile the amended return.

On a PC, click the following buttons:

  1. Amend a Filed Return
  2. Amend (choose the file you want to amend)
  3. View/Forms to verify the old information is there.

Then trust Turbotax which is getting weirder every year:

“First, make sure you got your refund or paid your taxes due from the originally filed return… Second, print a copy of your original return and have it right by your side when you start to amend in TurboTax. Trust us; this is really important.”

If you do steps 1 & 2 correctly, and your old information is missing, then something odd is going on.

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Hey Sarge. I solved this problem several years ago. I had a REIT that continually sent me a 1099 after I had filed my tax return and received my refund. I would have to create an amended return. What a PITA. After filing amended returns three years in a row I got smart and canned the offending REIT. End of problem.


In the end, I didn’t trust what Turbotax was doing, and just printed off a 1040-X and manually filled it out myself and mailed it to the IRS. I have a copy of my original return and a revised return with the correct numbers.


Amen to that!

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Like John said, Amen to that. Like this year, at the end, it’s trying to sell you NEXT year’s version already…“sign up, join the club, we’ll let you know when it’s available.”

Yeah, no thanks. I don’t need a subscription to freaking Turbo Tax

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That didn’t impress me either. I buy it at Costco as soon as it is available*, a version that comes with one state return as part of the package. So I used it to prepare state (CT) as well as federal, but when I went to efile… it offered a choice. I could pay another $15 for filing the state return it prepared, or I could print it out and mail it to CT. So the one state included only included the preparation. I paid the $15.

*(Buy it as soon as it is available, then wait until almost the last minute to actually get around to using it.)


I tried something different this year - I bought and used it at almost the last minute (I’m normally like you, buy early then sit around waiting for all my forms to get there, then do my taxes at the last minute).

I also prefer to see which credit card has Turbo Tax offers and use it so I get a statement credit. No way to do that with a “set it up 6 months ahead of time subscription.”

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I tend to wait for the MVM, which usually happens around December or January, then buy it during that sale.

My typical prep process is to fill out the paperwork in mid-Feb once the 1099s come in, but not file right away. I’ll use the info from that work to adjust my paycheck withholdings to target the prior-year safe harbor test.

I’ll generally wait until the end of March or early April to actually file. This is because I usually get at least one amended 1099, and it’s just so much easier to file once than to go through the amendment process for what is typically just a few bucks, one way or another.

Home Fool

I would point out to everyone who is trying to get tax prep software as inexpensively as possible that is free for Federal tax returns. It does charge $14.99 for each state return, but you may be able to find another way (like through your state’s website) to file that return for less/free. Just like other tax software offerings, it will also provide more support (answering questions, helping fill out forms, etc.) for a fee.

I have used FreeTaxUSA for a return that includes rental income, retirement income, sale of an investment property, etc. and have not had any issues, so it does handle fairly complex returns. I have not used it for state taxes, as my state does not have a state income tax.

Edited to add: To get back to the original question on this thread - I also have not used FreeTaxUSA for an amended return, so I don’t know how that is handled.



Just used them for this years tax return. Worked very smoothly. I’ve used TaxAct and other online products for several years. This was as good and it was free.