Turbo Tax Has Gone Ape Poop This Year

I bought TurboTax a couple of months ago and I’m finally ready to input all my tax info. Great all I have to do is install the CD and I’m off and running. Better think again buddy. This year instead of loading it on my PC via my CD drive I have to log on to a web site, create logon IDs, passwords, enter the license code and it is a total mess. I finally got to the license agreement and it wouldn’t let me go any further. One of the options was to save the license agreement, which I did. Do you think it would let me go to the next step? Heck no. Print the license agreement. Yea, one line of print per page. Printed half a ream of paper and finally had to unplug my printer to get it to stop.

I’m an old man and don’t need this BS. What are they (TurboTax) trying to accomplish? This is very frustrating.

I’m guessing they have to do this to keep all the low-lifes that steal the software every year at bay but man, don’t take it out on your faithful customers. That’s a quick way to lose your client base. A**h*les.



Another good place for this would be:

I purchased a physical CD (my FIL uses it too) from Amazon and had none of those issues. Only had to enter the CD key to proceed. :man_shrugging:

Hey Hawkwin. Yea, I got mine from Costco and figured all I had to do was load the software when I was ready. Big surprise. Embarrassingly I’ve asked my #2 son for help loading the software.

I used the H&R Block program. Downloaded it and entered code to run. Ran fine. I even got a new laptop and had to download it a second time but no problem.

The programs get updated repeatedly. No matter how you buy it, you almost always have to download at least one update. Fast internet helps.

Hi Paul. I don’t mind updating the software. That happens every year but usually you can just open the package, insert the disk in your CD drive and the main program gets installed on your computer. This year is a whole nuther ball of wax. Even though I have the disk and the key I still have to got to some web site, create a new logon ID and password and after all the hullaballoo I still don’t have it loaded.

Thankfully I have a son that lives just outside of Houston and he has offered to help. Feel embarrassed asking for help but hey Uncle needs his reports. Can’t let Uncle down you know.

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I am pretty sure, but could be wrong, that the disc is entirely unnecessary. I don’t think I’ve used one in years. It’s a good marketing tool and gives retailers a reason to put the product in their stores, but I’m pretty sure you can just download whatever you need straight from their server and then carry on.


This disc allows multiple people to use it at different locations. o.0

There are some discussions on bogleheads about this.

“Just purchased my desktop version from Amazon and I fail at the license code registration.”
“Well, two hours later and the solution is indeed simple - I just used a VPN connection and now I can in fact enter the license code, so it was a connection issue of sorts - I am not an IT guy, so I don’t know how this works in the background, but it took my kiddo all of 5 min to suggest, install and fix it.”

Could be related to display settings:

“FWIW, I have been working around the Intuit Framework code ‘not allowing selection/cant type’ bug in their forms and registration for 10years running.”
"So fun fact. Update windows if needed, reset display setting 800 x 600, turn off auto scaling. Install. When TT says it has to restart after updating and doesn’t, wait a few minutes, start TurboTax from your “start” menu instead of shortcut you should be able to enter your license code and it should work. Windows 10. Ridiculous that this is still happening 5 years in… TT help was useless. January 16, 2023 "

"If you receive an error code that says, "The license code you entered is not valid. Error code: “, it means the code you’re entering is either not valid for that product or is no longer active.”