First Look at, they post ALL the news from fave publications

Folks, you’re going to love this website once us Beta users get our suggestions posted.

There is NO advertising, just like old Fool in its inception. It’s format allows any member to post video, photos and news like the new Fool.

Here’s the big difference between Fool and

It appears, first glance, that you pay a penny (or less) for every article you read. (I don’t know if this is some kind of token deal where later I accrue tokens for posting relevant news, and then get to spend the token on acquiring looks at NY Times, WaPo, WSJ, etc. As you read in my welcoming letter via email yesterday, I start with 50 “points”.)

Here’s the mindblowing thing: the whole article pops up on your screen with links embedded.

Here, let me share this page I am currently reading before I hit the hard antiseptic shots today to prevent infections:

This would be four screen’s worth of this article breaking down who is vaccinated and who is not:

The community is filled with news people. Dan Rather, for instance, has set up shop there. He’s the one who turned me onto it in a Twitter exchange. He didn’t tell me the whole articles appear, okayed by news outlets and affiliates. My thinking is they (the news organizations) will make their “tokens or USD” on every view + with blue embedded links, you can fly off to their real websites, read some ads, and rea more. Maybe. I don’t know. Day 1 on the learning curve.

But I had to share that realization it is called for a very good reason.


By the way, the above four posted pages is not the whole article. There’s probably 23 pages total, all posted on

I will add more notes here about what I discover.

Okay, got to get ready for today’s shots.



This might be the place all Fool Diaspora will slowly leach into for real news, I mean, all the news. Which I would love. Open one windown instead of 20 - 50. You can pick by topics too, have news for those topics feed your newsline.

More later.

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That’s me.

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Thanks for this. I signed up…doc

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Jim, you’re my go to guy over there. Since you’ve been on it, have you seen new features every week?

Also, I could not believe how inexpensive the point system is. When I opened up your link to Seth Abramson, I got this:

Now, by following you, Jim, do you get points for my follow?

Also, I’m at Rock Yates_Cat9 on

Let me know when you get there.

I am Rock Yates_Cat9 over there,