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testing, does this even work


Yes, yes it works! Congrats on being the first poster in the new system. Let us know how we can help.

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Hi! Glad to see you made it over. I even see some old threads were migrated. Was everything migrated? Will migration of old threads happen even for the non-stock boards on the old site? Is this AMD board considered to be a “premium” board now? I happen to be a paying customer at the moment but I will probably not renew come November when my 2 years are up. [ EDIT: and editing works! ]

It appears that every thread started this year has been migrated. Older posts can still be seen on the old boards, but they might go away by the end of the year.

Thanks. I should probably read the “New Site Help and Feedback” “category”… And it appears that the only “Tags” are predefined company names, like “advanced-micro-devices” instead of the stock symbol, like “AMD”. Not sure if I like that yet.


Only because I haven’t gotten around to aliasing tickers to all the companies yet…give me until the end of the week and you’ll be able to type AMD and it will substitute advanced-micro-devices for you. It’s on the list - but I couldn’t do anything until the imports were complete.

Also, there is both this site and a premium site -they had to be separated for a few reasons. If you see the Premium Community button at the top, it will take you over to that site (it’s currently down for maintenance though - try it tomorrow.

Ok, good. Thanks! [ EDIT: making my post have at least 20 chars or else it won’t post! ]

I get around that by having a super long tag on my posts so I’m never at a loss for characters. :slight_smile:

Who uses a text macro extension to Chrome so all he has to do is press CTL-ALT-0…

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Hey - all companies and tickers are linked so you can search by either and the results will be the same. It’s especially handy on the Stocks A to Z board when you want to just type the tag instead of the whole company name.

It’s interesting. Usually you see a move to “similar but better” or “upgraded”… this is merely “different.” Remains to be seen whether it represents an improvement over the (now 20+ year old) previous message board experience. It seems… very, very busy.

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