Apple User Advice Migrants...

…if you show up, I (a mere sometimes posting investor who has long used Apple stuff) welcome you, and suggest we try to work out Subject line labeling (echoing the customary OT:for “off topic”) posts so that you can be effective here while our oldline pure investment types can ignore you if they wish. I suggest you put AU: for “Apple Usage” as a useful label.

Take a look at the previous important thread with opinions about your “refugee status” by valued long term posters on this board.

Echoing concerns in that thread, I strongly suggest that “fan club” posts NOT be made. Apple is no longer a brash handsome well built young David in a life and death struggle with a hideously powerful and ugly WINTEL Goliath, but rather a mighty entity itself that needs little defense.


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some good advice, David. Will do my best to remember. thx

The old days of Mac vs PC have faded away, as have the once upon a time posters, at least what I see on what was the User board here. Those were fun times for many as the CPU speed claims bounced all around… I’m sure we’ll all sort out what we’re interested in, either as investors or users, generally, pretty much the same I’d think… HWTSC has been, and remains mainly a PC/Win realm, to my mind, I think there was a Linux board, too, but I never found the time, interest seriously enough to chase it down…

In any case my APPL turned Green after all today, so hopefully that continues mack up past the previous highs… And I’m curios to see if the buyback, dividend rumors come true…

(APPL since 1993)
(Apple since early 1980’s)


What dividend rumors are you hearing?

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Only that there would be an increase, along with more share buyback… last week I think… No link…