Follow a person

I used to be able to follow a person. Can’t figure that out now. Why did you unnecessarily change nomenclature? Such as, they used to be called “Posts”. Now they’re “Topics” yet still often referred to as Posts in explanations.


I clicked on a name - your own or someone else’s - brings up a small window. Click on that brings up a page on the person. Click on Activity to see their posts, or on Follows to see who they (you) follow. For anyone *except yourself) there is an option to Follow or Unfollow off to the upper right.

The nomenclature had to change because they used a software package that had its own conventions, and its own names. Topics are not exactly Posts. Topics are threads, made up of one or more Posts. There is nothing like the old UNthreaded view; this is something we just have to get used to working with.

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