Tier88 has been blocked from the Motley Fool Boards. It’s really sad that some people come here just to disrupt the board and to criticize and attack, but that’s the way life is. Well, he’s gone. Let’s get back to discussing and analyzing companies and stocks.

Best to you all,



<< Tier88 has been blocked from the Motley Fool Boards…he’s gone. >>

Well, just for the record, Tier88 (the username) is blocked from TMF. The person writing those messages probably isn’t.

Each user/account is tied to an email address. Most of us have several, and can therefore have several accounts on this site.

Folks like Tier88 enjoying riling up various boards. He may very well reappear under a different guise any time he chooses.

None of us may be who we profess to be. That’s one of the “charms” of these faceless message boards, I suppose.