To tier88

In scrolling back through your posts, every single one of them is criticizing the board. Every one!

tier88, no one is keeping you here if you are unhappy here.

Why don’t you just find a board more to your liking? Or start your own? Or do you just like criticizing other people who are doing their best to help their fellow investors?



Trying to help too Saul. Does no one any good to be in an echo chamber. If people can’t ask hard questions how does anyone learn?


tier88, if you continue with posts attacking the board and the people who run it, you’ll be banned from the board, plain and simple!

And if you continue after that you’ll be banned from the entire Motley Fool! It has already happened to a half dozen or so people, so I’m not kidding.

This board is for sharing information in a civil way, with everyone working together. It’s not for attacks and criticism. If you can’t deal with that, go elsewhere. With every one of your posts attacking the board in some way, something is wrong with the way you see the board. So leave if you are not happy here.



Please proceed with the ban. Thx.