Foolanthropy 2015 - the first Challenge

Saul, I hope you’ll pardon me for butting in, but it’s Foolanthropy time again:

This is an easy one. It won’t cost you anything.

Currently I am ranked #7 on the top favorite Fools, with 700 people who love me - this is monumental - I only have 117 friends on Facebook, where I feel like a total failure - my son has 990 friends and my daughter has 1,097. Anna has even fewer Facebook friends than me, but I don’t want to get into that here.

CMF_Fuskie is #5 on the top favorite Fools list, with 757 people who love him, and SaulR80683 is #12 with 647 people who love him.

So I want to see if I can bribe people into loving me (I live in NJ after all), but I don’t want to be unfair to Fuskie or Saul, so here’s the deal. I will contribute $4.50 to the Fistula Foundation for every additional Favorite Fool rec that me, Fuskie or Saul get.

How do you do this? Find one of our posts and click the Happy Face icon. You can do that right here on this post for me.

You can find Fuskie here:…

You can find Saul here(totally unnecessary, I know, since you can find him anywhere on this board.(…

If you didn’t already have Fuskie, me and Saul on your favorite Fools list you should have, so I’ve done you a favor, and you’ve helped contribute funds to the Fistula Foundation.

Also consider making your own contribution. See more here: