OT: $5,000 in Your Honor

The wife and I gave $5,000 to support Health Research Inc., the company the Fool is donating $1,000,000 to today to help fight the virus’s impact in the New York area which is getting hit hard.

I put the donation in the Fool and Saul’s honor but really it’s for everyone who contributes to this board. Thank you all. We were able to do this in large part because of the hard work done here. So for all of you who might put hours - and hours and hours - into posts that go up here, know that it really does matter. I should be down 20+ % on port now if stuck to a few index funds (my other option) but am up 3% this year.

I’ve been a proud Fool for 20 years and it’s days like today that make me feel the most proud of wearing the jester cap. And yes I own one and wear it often. It pairs particularly well with my birthday suit.

I don’t want to clog the board so no need to post further on this thread. Here’s a link to the donation page of Health Research Inc if you want to kick in. I know that since the Fool selected this organization, it is world class.


Fool On,

Broadway Dan

P.S. Apology for public virtue signaling but maybe this post will inject some needed positive energy during these dark days and encourage others to give what you can.


Hi Dan,
Thanks, You inspired me to make a donation too.



Dan, reading your post put such a smile on my face at a time when a smile is so needed. Thank you for this, and thank you for your donation. I too am inspired.

I’d also like to invite anyone to share stories like this on a new board I just put up. We need to hear good stories!


Thanks again!


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I donated as well, Dan. Thanks for encouragement.


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