Off-Topic: Foolanthropy 2015-It's not too late

Hi everyone,

I’m posting a quick off topic note to invite everybody here to participate in the Motley Fool’s 2015 Foolanthropy charitable giving drive.

I’m sure that most of you already know that the Fool community does charitable giving every year and it’s a great tradition!!!

This year’s charity is the Fistula Foundation. Here is some info:…

Last year I was too slow and I missed out on giving, but this year I got it done in time. The Fool community is only halfway towards its goal of raising $75,000. Will you help move the needle?

It might be fun to do a round-up donation – make your donation round up to the next 0, or 00, or 000.

Saul your community is vibrant and I hope you don’t mind this request. Thanks Fools for all your generosity, here and in everything you do!