FoolishErik's next chapter on INFN is out

For those of you with access to RB, HG or MDP, FoolishErik’s latest and final installment is out on Infinera. The last chapter is a discussion on whether Infinera is worth our investment dollars today according to 18 test criteria, and then projects two hypothetical models where the company sees it success peak after 5 years or after 10 years.

For reference the links are located here, here and here:………

Well worth the read if you have a subscription to any of the above three services. I would cross post the info here but unfortunately it is material generated for the paid service members.

Perhaps someone with a more direct relationship with the Fool could ask if a summary is permitted?

I will offer one and see if it gets me into trouble - of Erik’s 18 point test, 13 pass (2 of those with flying colors), 4 are neutral and 1 is a no.