For anyone that thinks trucks are selling

Tesla fan boys at this point constitute a tiny percentage of their customer base, at least if you’re talking about people who highly emotionally invested in Tesla.

The number of people who have reservations in for the Cybertruck is huge (at least by all estimates it’s >1 million). I don’t think there’s any way for that to be even mostly fan boys.

Of course, how good the Cybertruck turns out to be will determine how well it sells, not the easily refunded reservations. With first production on track for July, we’ll know soon. Right now we don’t even have any final information: no specs, no configurations, no pricing. There has been less and less information available over time. You can still place a reservation for a fully refundable $100, but there’s pretty much no information what it is for.

Back when I reserved mine they had a predicted MSRP and several specific configurations. I ordered a tri-motor, which was the top of the line and $80K. But I have no idea what Tesla will be selling when it finally becomes available. They might have a quad-motor as the top of the line, and no tri-motor at all. I guess I’ll find out. In any case, at this point I have no need or desire for such a vehicle, so if I get one it will be just to try it out for a while and then sell it to somebody who actually wants it.