For enquiring minds who want to know

For enquiring minds who want to know, Yes! I did buy some more Zoom in the premarket at $115.40 (which was down $12.70 from Friday’s close). It turns out I was a little impatient as I could have gotten it $2 or $3 cheaper if I had waited until the open, but I wanted to be sure I got it as I knew that it would work itself up later in the day. It did finish at $122.94, up $7.54 from my purchase price. But please don’t buy in just because I did. I do think it’s going to keep moving up, but in fits and starts with pull-backs interspersed. However, I’ve been fooled before and I could be fooled here too. I make lots of mistakes. I do try to recognize them though, and do something about them when I do.

Best to you all, and be prudent with your health. A lot of people of all ages are dying, enough so they are talking about temporarily burying them in mass graves in a park here in NYC. New cases and deaths have leveled off, but leveled off at a high plateau. At least they are not still accelerating. So stay safe and keep your distance from others and stay in the house if you can.



On margin or did you reduce in your other positions?

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