For investors in TTD, CRTO, and other ad co'…

Inside the Brotherhood of the Ad Blockers
For the advertising industry, ad blocking is an existential crisis. For the Pi-hole community, it’s a sport.


And since this article came out 2Q18 TTD has grown revenue about 90% and Non GAAP earnings 179%. Current growth rate “only” 42%. I think this speaks to the ad market rising faster than “blockers” and TTD’s position as a neutral platform helping brands and ad agencies. CTV ad spend has increased 38% 2019 and will double by 2023 according to this……

CRTO hasn’t done so well sinking to single digit growth because they didn’t change from ad retargeting (dependence on cookies) fast enough and didn’t have a demand-side platform or enter the CTV race soon enough.

TTD (yesterday at $250) was in the 40%+ growth cohort at EV/S forward ~17X. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. So the market (changing on a whim lately) believes TTD’s 40% growth story.

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