For most of us in the USA, spring is arriving earlier

Down at the end of the article you can enter your town and see how where you are on the spring arrival calendar. It is 7 days early for my locale.


Here is another sign that spring is early this year, but I don’t think it has much to do with climate change.

Major League Baseball starts its regular season one week from today. However, most teams will begin their regular season March 28.

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iirc, “spring” is an astrological event.

The news reported, a day or two ago, that the pollen season starts about 20 days earlier than it did in the 90s.

With warmer winter temperatures, the frost-free season starts earlier in the spring and ends later in the fall. In Anderegg’s research on pollen seasons in North America he saw pollen seasons starting about 20 days earlier than they did in the 1990s.

A weather guy I follow posted the other day that northern Michigan, along with the UP, can expect colder than normal temps for the next month ( probably true for the whole State, but SE Michigan wasn’t analyzed. ). I figured that was coming, a historically warm Winter when I want cold, followed by a colder Spring when I want warm, lol.

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At the same time, longer growing seasons are a definite plus benefiting plants, insects, humans and other animals.

Plants like carbon dioxide, and the planet is greening. Allergies are manageable, and extended growing seasons benefit everyone (even meat easters).


That matches up with the map in the linked article.

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It is. And it’s meteorological.

And it is agricultural.

And they all are different but overlap.

Yes…I can see that. Been snowing all day and still coming down


Thank you very much for the photo! I haven’t seen snow like that in at least two years. I sort of miss it. Golf courses are already opening around the area - seacoast NH.



This is about the best visibility we’ve had all day. There’s usually a few mountains to be seen. Something of a record snowfall, apparently

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You must be on the Front Range. I was one of few in the office today.

What were you doing in the office?

Working. I’m not a good work-from-homer.

Soooooo jealous, wish us winter aficionados in the Midwest could take some of that off your hands.

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@eldemonio Ah. I assumed everyone was off skiing.

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Right nearby JimA. Yeah we got one storm of >6" this year and it melted within a couple of weeks. It’s gotten about 10 degrees warmer in the last 5 years. Maybe? it has something to do with the 11 year solar maximum but the tells - like 2 major flooding events along the coast in 2 months - are not promising.

Yes, Front Range. Don’t know if this link will show…it’s a Facebook memory from 3 years ago. That’s the normal view across my deck planters.

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Check this out. I’ve been keeping my bird feeders topped up and this morning have had a few visitors fly into my windows in spite of my Easter decorations and whatnot. Here’s why. I rarely see a raptor perched in wait this close to the house


Looks like a Cooper’s hawk. Do you have bird feeders nearby?

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Yes. Plenty of visitors to for the hawks etc to snack on…except that we have trees that tend to protect them from any swoop and grab activity.

Just like that, though, the clouds clear and the sun comes out…