For-profit Medicare Program Under Scrutiny

The previous administration started a program that allowed for-profit insurers to grab a piece of traditional Medicare and apply the same kind of for-profit bureaucracy and excessive Executive Compensation we currently see in Medicare Advantage. Somehow this was thought to lower costs and increase the quality of the health care.

Trump-era Medicare program under increased scrutiny…

The program allows private companies to participate in Medicare as part of a broader health department effort to improve care while limiting the government’s costs.

Warren, during a finance committee hearing earlier this month, blasted the direct contracting model for attracting “corporate vultures hoping to feed on Medicare” — remarks that two people familiar with the matter said caught the attention of the White House and hastened a reevaluation of the policy. The program aims to allow medical providers to get paid more if they keep patients healthier and reduce overall costs to Medicare.

Biden health officials are weighing a range of potential changes, from new constraints to outright termination, the people familiar with the matter said.

Remember, a health insurance lobbyist, Steve Ricchetti, sits at the right hand of Joe Biden in the White House as his chief advisor.



I used it for one year:
I was told by my GP I only will have one free visit. after that I need to find another GP.
I was told by my nose doctor they could no longer take me. took another 2 years to get my nose fixed.
I tried to get a mole removed and the only doctor that would take me was over 50 miles away. where as my skin doc was 1 mile away.
my bone doc was changed to an very old guy who retired a week after I saw him.

Medicare advantage is no advantage when you need it.