Forbes Zoom article

Published last evening:…

Some highlights:

“Zoom is currently the top free downloaded app in Apple’s app store, and according to data gathered by, a financial publication, downloads for Zoom increased by 1,270% between February 22 and March 22. The authors of the report attribute the spike in downloads to many people working from home as a result of the coronavirus. That’s a total of nearly 17.2 million downloads on iOS and Android combined.”

“The largest age group to download the Zoom app is between 35 to 49 years old at 24%, but that’s closely followed by 25 to 34 year olds at 23%.”

“The best feature, according to a rough scan of Twitter, is the ability to add a beauty filter of sorts, to “touch up” your Vitamin D-deprived, canned-bean-puffy face and look like a presentable human to your coworkers. A close second for best features offered by Zoom is the ability to amuse yourself and others via customized backgrounds, harkening back to the early days of Macbook’s Photo Booth.”


Sure looks like MSNBC switched from Skype to Zoom in the past few days- the quality is so much better and it’s clear they told people being interviewed from home to switch on the zoom filter to make themselves look better. I don’t know this for a fact but I’m pretty sure, having been on Zoom calls all week…

Would be nice to see Zoom develop an enhanced quality HD product that they charge more for uses like this…

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