Report Chinese Venture Capital

From the link:

– $26.7 billion was invested across 3,072 deals in the first half of the year, on track for a 31.4% drop in deal value from 2022.

– Just 10% of Chinese VC deals in H1 included an investor headquartered outside the region—the lowest figure in our dataset.

– An increasing concentration of RMB-denominated funds has characterized the mild rebound in fundraising activity.


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Makes sense. When the Taiwan war begins in earnest, the only endgame will be for China to nationalize all of it. Why throw away the money?

Of course, that’s why it’s important for the Russian economy to be destroyed, and utterly and publicly destroyed, due to the European war they started recently. It has to serve as a strong lesson to China about what could potentially happen if they start a similar Asian war.