Formating when accessing site

Starting today the formating of the site has changed for me. To get back to what I saw previously I need to click on the three horizontal lines on the far left of the screen. This is only there temporarily not as a default

Is it just me that has found this? Alternatively is the intention to change things sufficiently often to put off everyone who is left from bothering to look at the site?

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I prefer it. There’s a lot of screen real estate used with that left column that doesn’t need to be there 24/7/365.

I had just got used to the previous format, which I prefer so I get to choose which posts I see.

Regular changes of format are desinged to put people off.

The provider made a change that the sidebar auto hides, depending on your screen width. It’s similar to how it auto hides on a phone or Mobile view.

It frees up real estate for the posts rather than the sidebar taking up so much space.

So some folks will have it hidden and others won’t…I’m using an iPad in desktop mode and it’s still there for me but others might have to click the three horizontal lines to reveal it when they are done reading a topic.

Hi @CMFMints,

Will the link for “Tracked” be put back?

All holdings and some statistics on my Fool profile page (Click Expand)

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We’re looking into it…it may be we have to put the tracked button back on the lists (new, unread, latest) as a filter, like it was before the sidebar.

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Is there a way to make this user settable? I prefer it without the sidebar, but oddly on one iPad it works that way and on the other (downstairs) it works the other.

I’d like to make it persistent, if that’s possible.


You can try just clicking the three bars to hide it…it seems to stick for me on the ipad when I do that. You probably need to do it on each device though.

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I have no idea where I saw it, or what specifically it was in reference to, but I have noticed at least one a warning that Something had to be done in every browser instance. So whatever it was, it was being stored locally, not at TMF as part of a profile.

It might have been live browser notifications. That one does need to be set for every browser. It’s handy if you’re online a lot but not necessarily in the community. But it’s not a setting that get a lot of attention.