free access to journal articles

A wonderful recommendation was made here quite some time ago—by Fuma, I think—for Sci-Hub, which was a spectacular resource providing free access to journal articles. It stopped functioning a while ago, and it would be immensely helpful if someone has another such site to recommend.

Profound thanks in advance!


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Yeah, they stopped uploading new papers. Ugh.

Sometimes I can still get by with:

I just tried
And it worked for a 2019 paper.

Also, there’s (not as fond of it, and starting to get blocked)… Also occasionally use #icanhazpdf on Twitter and usually someone emails it to me.

Others to try, though I haven’t used these: or or (seems more for books)

Found these links too, unsure how many are useful; not to mention malware :confused:…

Thanks for these suggestions! I’ll try them out and let you know my experiences.

Sci-hub had been a dream for so very long. There were some articles available through ScienceDirect, but Sci-Hub opened the universe!


And I find that Sci-Hub doesn’t work now, period. Not just for new papers, but everything.