Free space on external HDD

I tried to copy a 378 GB folder from my desktop computer to my external HDD. It said there was not enough room. So I checked the space on the external drive. It says used space 1.54 TB, free space 283 GB.
But there just didn’t seem like that much stuff on the drive. So I checked each of a few folders on that drive. Only one folder has much on it. It says 346 GB. The other folders have virtually nothing.
So what could be wrong here? Any thoughts?

Are you sure the HD is what it says it is?


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Hi RBMunkin,

If you are on Windoze or apple you might be running into the “Trash Can.”

You would need to look at the “un-delete” stuff on the disk.

When I mount a disk from a non-UNIX/Linux machine, I look for hidden files in the root directory with names like .trash, .trashcan, .trashfiles, .trashinfo, etc.

I just delete them and their contents and Voila, space again.

Does that help you?

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You could, if you wanted, reformat the drive and try again. I think it is unlikely that there would be that much hidden files on there, though.


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Gene, brilliant! Thanks so much. That was it. I emptied the trash and it fixed the issue.
I love this board! I just have to get used to it. I can’t see where to find the other boards that I used to use on the old TMF boards.
Thanks again.


Great that you got it fixed. :slight_smile:

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