Funding Ukraine war with messages on missiles

Ukrainians (and others who hate Russian actions) are donating money for the privilege of writing personal messages on missiles that will be fired at Russian troops. Of course, the missiles will explode so the Russians will never read them.



However, the message WAS delivered (as promised). Having the message read and understood is NEVER going to happen unless that particular item kills Putin.

It is fully meant to demoralize the Russian public and troops.

I am sure it will help the war effort.

I read the very last of the Wagner Brigade turned tail and ran in Bakhmut. This was last week. That means Russian troops with no personal need or reward to fight are left to the job. There are other mercenary groups but the numbers are dwindling.

Eventually Moscow can not defend Putin.

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Delivering messages like that is a long standing tradition. When old ships were pulled out of mothballs for 'Nam, some still had WWII ammo on board, with messages for the Japanese.

On the Hornet, Jimmy Doolittle had a small ceremony where he tied medals presented by the Japanese to some US officers, before the war, in celebration of friendship between the two countries, on to a bomb, for return to the Japanese.


Shoot, I saw a link on Reddit but can’t find it now where you could buy a message on an artillery shells. Costs about $100 and they send you a picture of your message.

You can always go to the ‘Sign my rocket’ site:

I like the greeting page there that includes, “You have a chance to send a greeting to orcs with your text written on an artillery shell.”


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Just one more way the world can pay to bomb the Russians. Good!