With the recent price decline and the government subsidy I decided to dip my tow in. Will arrive Friday.


Now you don’t have to stop at crosswalks!


Welcome to the Tesla family. You will love your car.

Congratulations !


First week of my Tesla.

We went to pick the car up on Tuesday and there was a paint issue on the front tip of the hood that appeared to be touched up poorly. We declined to take the car. Tesla looked at it and agreed to repaint the hood. This was fine with us.

Car delivered this past Saturday. They forgot to reattach the T on the Front of the car. Also it appears that there is a white dot in-betted in the front windshield and a tiny scratch on the surface of the windshield. Not sure how thiw will be addressed. Appointment in February with service.

Overall the card drives great, and the technology/software is very advanced. Lots of cameras, security, driving assistance.

On the cost side I am not convinced that I saved anything. Got a great price compared to others due to the sale and rebate. However, car battery appears to leak 20 miles a night. My Geico insurance increased $2,000.

In California I pay about 23 cents per kilowat. The car charges at a rate of 4.125 miles per kilowatt. So 5.6 cents per mile. My old SUV gets 21.5 miles per gallon. So about $4.25. The tesla can buy 18 kilowatts for $4.25. So 76 miles per $4.25. So basically $1.2 per gallon B4 leakage. Closer to $1.35 with battery leakage. So I save about 70% by using electricity vs gas. So I save about $1700. Which unfortunately does not cover the higher insurance. This is not what anticipated. My error for not evaluating this on the front end.

So no way this is economic for the middle class in California. Maybe other states pay less per Kilowatt. Interested in what other pay. Thanks.

I forgot to mention that it cost me $2000 to buy the charger and install it at my house.


We left our Y and 3 for a month while we toured in our motorhome. Total losses over the month were less than 10 miles while stored in our garage. You have a problem. Perhaps sentry mode?

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


You should get a quote from somebody other than GEICO. GEICO’s rates are often not competitive recently. Try PGR and check if Tesla offers an insurance product where you live. Get your $2k back. You can always return to GEICO later when they steady the ship. GEICO will show huge customer loss in Q4 and especially Q1. It’s gonna be ugly but BRK will survive…

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Make sure you look into the electric car plan from the electric company that may save you some money depending on your charging habits, reviews are mixed in SD though.

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Thanks. I will look into that. FYI, got 5 quotes for insurance over th past 24 hours. Moving to AAA. In addition to GEICO raising premiums for the TESLA, they had already indicate a 100%+ increase in my umbrella policy.

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Do you have your tesla set up for pre-conditioning each day? I wonder if this is eating up the battery?