Garbage in. Garbage out


Should we call that new era mod? Charming. No doubt it will be the next rage.

If it is not parked in a protected area, I see a major blank graffiti canvas begging to be painted…

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It sure breaks the mold. It gets kind of boring when all cars look alike, the new look is the wind tunnel shape. Once it was the rocket fin shape. The Edsel shape flopped.

The Captain


You know what Brutalist architecture is? This is it but with wheels.


These toys are out there.


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We saw our first ever cybertruck on Sunday. It was interesting. The owner answered questions and said he loved his truck because of the software. He could blink the headlights on and off in rhythm with the sound system, operate the giant single windshield wiper and open and close the front and back trunks which contained mountain bikes in the back and golf clubs in the front. He did all this while talking to my daughter and answering questions.

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I saw one yesterday on the highway. I hope it has a great personality…cause damn it’s fugly.


Honda Toyota been leaning in on the shorter cab for a while now.